Dogma (Steam)
2D platformer built around a unique grab+pivot mechanic. Climb your way through over 60 stages in 6 worlds of tricky puzzle platforming.

Milo in the Dragons Cave (Github)
Simple 2D platformer. Explore 3 Levels, and defeat the final boss to win. Available to download here.

Legionnaire (Github)
Roguelike game made in seven days during 7drl 2017. Focus on having a small, impactful inventory. Available to download here.

Slack-Spoilers (Github)
Ultra simple slash command for slack to hide potential spoilers when discussing games or movies.

Leaderboard (Github)
An online leader board for board games. Meant just as a toy to keep track of records informally.

Asteroids (Github)
Classic Asteroids, written in javascript using HTML5 canvas.

Whiteboard (Github)
Draw collaboratively online.

About me

Hi! I'm Danny. I'm a game designer in New York City.

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